Thinking of buying a Peugeot 307?

Please read about the common faults
and customer service first…

…then look at The new Toyota Auris…

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Peugeot 308 – the new 8 series Peugeot finally arrives and will launch in September 2007. Powered by seven engine options and class leading aerodynamics, its 1.6 litre HDi 90 emits only 120 g/km of CO2. This heralds the start of a new “3” series family

Peugeot’s first vehicle of the “8” generation, the Peugeot 308 five door hatchback will be launched in the UK in September.

Designed by Peugeot’s in-house designers, the Peugeot 308 builds on the successful concept of the Peugeot 307, with its semi-high architecture, large interior space, class leading safety equipment and high standards of road holding.

Total donations received so far £408.46Last updated Monday 5th January 2007, 10:00Total Confirmed Cancelled 307 orders37 totalling approx £481,000

“A Nerds revenge…”

You want to crush your Peugeot 307?
Welcome. Yes, That’s right, I want to crush my Peugeot 307 in to a cube and deliver it back to the dealers. Why a cube? It was something I heard on “The Simpsons” and found hilariously funny. I set up this site to finally put my IT skills to use. Be prepared for Posters, T-Shirts, Badges and maybe even a number one song…ok maybe not.

Thanks to everyone who helped raise £410 for cancer research.

The closing date for donations was 10th January 2007.  Thanks to everyone who helped raise £410 for cancer research.

Top Gear Survey 2005
I was sent these today…

Many Thanks to clangnuts for the cartoon!
Because this particular car is the worst Peugeot 307 ever built, and Peugeot UK has been completely uninterested in fixing my problems or trying to resolve the situation despite the assistance of WhatCar? magazine who featured this car in March 2004.
I was fed up of being told that it was only my car that had experienced problems when a quick scout around the net proved that lots of owners were having the same problems.

The final straw came this week after the exhaust dropped off after just 26k miles. According to Peugeot this is normal and they won’t discuss it any further.

As I provide 24/7 Call out Support to my company, failing to get there has serious implications for me.

How do I know that you are really having problems with the car?
After 12 months of consistent problems I was getting no where with Peugeot so I enlisted the help of WhatCar? magazine. They had Peugeot send their own technical team up from coventry to look at the vehicle. After a day of diagnostics they decided it was the battery and replaced it. Was it the battery? No!
You can read the WhatCar? article here.

Is this a con?
No, this is a genuine cry for help. The fact I’m going to crush the car is simply a bit of fun for everyone to watch and to really make a point to Peugeot UK.
I know I’m not the only one to have the same problems with this model which is why I’ve created the forum for people to list their own problems. Hopefully Peugeot UK will take notice of this and issue a recall.

Remember if this all goes pear shaped, then I still have to live with the car. My chances of being able to sell it on later will be very very slight!

What Package did Peugeot offer you to replace the vehicle?
The offer from Peugeot was to pay £4000 for a replacement 307, or I could have one of their ex-company cars as a replacement. At this point I simply didn’t want another Peugeot vehicle and couldn’t see why I should pay £4000 to replace a vehicle they simply couldn’t fix.

I asked them if they would replace my vehicle with a cheaper 206 model, of which I’ve previously had two faultless cars, but this request was refused.

Also the request for a replacement vehicle was made after 12 months. Not nearly 4 years as claimed by Peugeot Head Office in their statement.

What problems have I had with the car?
I’ve tried to list everything that has happened but due to the time involved I may have missed some bits. Click here to read the live list!
Letters to Peugeot
Please bear with me while I locate, scan and convert to PDF all the letters between my self and peugeot!
WhatCar? Article
June 2004 From Peugeot
August 2004 From Peugeot
November 2004 From Peugeot
December 2004 From Peugeot
May 2005 From Peugeot
The Car, The Car, The Car is on fire
Letter to Peugeot
Letter to Peugeot 2
Letter to Peugeot 3
Letter to Peugeot 4
Letter to Peugeot 5
Letter to Peugeot 6
Letter to Peugeot 7
Letter to Peugeot 8
Letter to Peugeot 9
Letter to Peugeot 10
Letter to Peugeot 11
Letter to Peugeot 12
Letter to Peugeot 13
Letter to Peugeot 14
What can we readers do to help?
You can help me crush this car in to a cube and hopefully make enough noise so that Peugeot will be forced to look at other Peugeot 307 vehicles that are displaying the same problems. A £16k car should not be this unreliable.
All I’m asking is that people donate £1 / 50p so that I can replace this contraption of a car. If I get to £13,199 I will purchase a reliable Toyota Corolla 5Dr T-Spirit and crush the 307 in to a cube. Any extra that I make will be donated to cancer research.

Of course it you wish to donate more than £1 or even a replacement car should you happen to be a very generous car dealer then please free to do so.

If I don’t reach the total I need to replace the car, I will donate all money raised to Cancer research in memory of my late mum.

How do we know that the car will actually be crushed?
I will video the entire crushing process and the delivery back to the dealers. You will be welcome to watch at the dealers when the cube is delivered. I’m also hoping to drum up some press interest so maybe you can see it televised on regional TV.
I’ve just been told that to have a car crushed, it has to be pretty much stripped of everything. Therefore, If I do get to the total needed and the crushing goes ahead, every removable part will be sold on Ebay and the money donated to Cancer Research.

Where will it be crushed?
I don’t know yet. Do you own a crushing yard? Would you like some publicity? If you do, please contact me at [email protected]

How can I contact you?
Please feel free to email me at [email protected] I would love to read your emails and thoughts about my website.

iChat users can contact me with their iSight, my aim name is theboyinwales
Skype users can use Skyke name markfc to skype me
MSN messenger users can msn me using [email protected]

and if you fancy sending me an sms txt it’s +44 7970 662192

Which Dealer supplied the vehicle?
Peugeot Mochdre of Colwyn Bay supplied the vehicle.

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