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  • January 5th 2007

Happy New Year to everyone.
Only 5 days of the site left, it’s been a great experience and I’ve made many friends and contacts which is really cool.
Please could you pass links around for one last time, see if we can get 100,000 visitors, that would be really cool.
Total Donations stands at £408.46 which will be sent to Cancer Research on thursday.
So far we’ve had 99,435 unique visitors, 442,228 page views, links from nearly 7000 forums.
Big thanks to BBC’s TopGear which gave us the most visitors (5307) Followed by (3989) and in 3rd place, (1594). Can’t forget Holymoly (1519) either as it was thanks to them all the press took up the story.
Doing a rough calculation from emails I have received, I have worked out that Peugeot have lost over £400,000 in 307 sales this year due to this site. All I wanted was for them to fix it once and for all.

I will post a final update next thursday.

Thanks again!


  • July 25th 2006

Storming along to nearly 100,000 visitors!
Added a page of supportive emails

  • July 14th 2006

Wow, thanks to all the visitors I’ve had over the last few days, and especially to the Newspapers and Radio Stations for the interviews – It was Fun!

We’ve now had over 65000 visitors who have viewed 242312 pages on this site between them.

Thanks to everyone who has donated and also to all my new MSN buddies.

  • July 7th 2006

Just posting a big thank you to “Holy Moly!” after featuring the site in their newsletter I’ve had nearly 10,000 visits today!! Just as I thought the site had gone to sleep. Thanks to everyone who’s emailing and forum posting the site address. The more visits I get, the more people will think twice before buying a 307. Cheers!

  • June 2nd 2006

Well I’m off to the Isle of Man later today for the TT races. Just thought I’d pop in and update the site a little as its been a bit quiet!

Since the last update I have had two more recall notices. One for a possible cause of fire in the engine compartment and the other was for a fault with the ECU/BSI where the petrol pump continues to pump petrol into the engine after it’s been switched off flooding the enginer and causing it not to restart. Will scan these in next week.

We’ve now had over 34764 Visitors from 78 countries, 148151 page views and £240 of donations.

Please keep spreading the word!

See you when I get back.

  • March 14th 2006

Sorry we disappeared for a few days. We had a few technical problems. These have now been resolved (ok so I forgot to pay the hosting fees 🙂 )

We’ve now had over 32000 Visitors from 73 countries, 128042 page views and £230 of donations. I’m starting to think that we’re not going to crush this thing, but at least a lot of people have found out about the reliability of these cars. Thanks to everyone who is still passing and posting the link around.

One last thing, if you want to hear a great new album, head on over to and order a copy of school! It’s fantastic.

  • February 9th 2006

Nearly a month now after the site launched. It’s now spread to over 500 forums and has had 23,690 visitors from 72 countries plus over £200 in donations. Thanks to everyone who is still spreading the link and to everyone who has donated. Also a big thanks over to Madge at

  • January 23rd 2006

After thinking that the site had started to slow down, today brought almost 4000 new visitors to the site. Thanks to everyone who has donated, mailed me, posted on the forum or spread the link. Dashboard Dials died again today on the way home from work… I wonder what would happen If I got done for speeding while the dials weren’t working?

  • January 17th 2006

Wow 10,000 unique visitors in 7 days!
The site has now spread to over 45 countries!

  • January 16th 2006

9497 Unique Visitors
Added four more replies from Peugeot.
Thanks again for all the support emails, If I haven’t replied yet, I’m working on it !

  • January 14th 2006

8012 Unique Visits
£150 Donations

  • January 13th 2006

4638 Unique Visitors
£136.50 Donations
Thanks again for everyone who’s spreading the word.
I truly am gob smacked!

  • January 12th 2006

£70 donations!!
1500 Unique visitors!
Thanks to everyone who has posted links.
Added 15 more letters that I sent to Peugeot.

  • January 11th 2006

Added the forum and tidied the site a little.
Nearly 400 unique visitors already.
Thanks to everyone who spend the time reading the site.
Wow it appears that my car could now go on fire.

  • January 10th 2006

Site goes live.
£34 of Donations appears over night.